There we were, sitting on the beach on a typical hot and humid Sepik weekend. Our talk turned to the over 200 languages in the Sepik region. Over 100 of those languages do not have any part of God’s Word in a language they know best. What could be done?

It’s an impossible task to reach all these languages. So many of them are way beyond where the road ends. Many of them are very small language groups. Yet it is evident that God cares for them too when he says in Rev 7:12 that people from every language will be in heaven. What can be done to see God’s heart for people fulfilled?

And so plans were laid and partnerships forged. And SPES was born. A struggling infant of an idea. What would it look like when it is full grown? What needs to be done to see it grow and mature instead of die? And it grew.

Ideas have turned into plans, and plans are turning into action. What is impossible for one organization or one church to do, will be possible if the entire body of Christ works together. Churches, missions, and organizations are organizing and coming together with the goal of seeing transformed lives and communities. Capacity is being built and training being done in communities and organizations to see the people and churches of Papua New Guinea better equipped and able to forge ahead in Wewak, places easy to reach, and to ‘beyond the end of the road’.

  • Founded:  2010
  • About:    The Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy (SPES) is an international group of people focused on bridging the gap between remote language communities and the Bible Translation Movement in the Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea.
  • Description:  We wish to enable communities and churches to be able to meet the needs in their own communities through training, support, and partnerships specifically in the areas related to language. This could include oral recordings, language documentation and development, translation of materials (including Biblical), and literacy.
  • General Information:  There are over 200 language communities (mostly small population) in the East Sepik and West Sepik (Sandaun) provinces of Papua New Guinea. Most of these languages are not written languages.There is a great need for the Bible in a form and language that they understand.
  • Mission:  To see the remaining 100+ Bibleless language communities in the Sepik Region knowing and living God’s Word, leading to changed lives and transformed communities.

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