God’s Ways are not Our Ways

Often we pray and expect that God will answer in a specific way. Sometimes he does and other times he chooses to challenge us with a more stretching journey. As we prepare for any course, we know the importance of being flexible. The third Lumi Oral Bible Storytelling course in Wewak has shown that need again. As the trainers arrived, we learned that two of the trainers we expected to be at the course would not be attending. This increases the workload for those who are present. What should we do? Could we find a substitute at the last minute or go with what we have? After one failed attempt, we were able to find one substitute which worked out well. Because not all the groups showed up, we didn’t need as many trainers as we expected.

Students intently listen to the latest story.

Students intently listen to the latest story.

The phone had been ringing for days as participants called to tell us they had begun their journey to meet the truck in Lumi. Some called multiple times to tell of their progress. We were excited because it sounded like there would be a full house of participants when they arrived in Wewak. The truck showed up and we realized that there were actually ten participants who hadn’t come. This was a disappointment as we desperately want people to have access to God’s Word in a language they understand. If the participants don’t come, they are unable to learn the stories to share in their villages. We rest in the fact that God has a bigger plan that we do not see and he has the exact people that He wants here at this workshop.

In spite of prayers for good flying weather, the day the airplane went to pick up the rest of the participants, the weather was not great in Wewak. In the Lumi area where the participants were, the weather was beautiful. Because of some other failed plans, the airplane had to bring extra participants to Wewak. By the time the pilot landed, the weather was bad, but God safety brought everyone home that night. However, one load of passengers was still waiting at Guriaso who were supposed to be picked up that day. Now what? We had no way to communicate the change – there is no cell coverage in that area and the HF radio was not working and was being brought to Wewak to be fixed. We began to pray that God would keep them there long enough for the plane to arrive the next morning. He answered and the men were still there and thrilled that the airplane had come to pick them up.

Golden Calf drama - Aaron is startled by the "golden calf"

Golden Calf drama – Aaron is startled by the “golden calf”

The disobedient Israelites died after they worshiped the idol.

The disobedient Israelites died after they worshiped the idol.

So, with thirty-nine participants, twelve trainers, two consultants, and two families to help with all the necessary logistics, we embarked on the workshop Wednesday, June 8. Participants are working diligently to learn four difficult and lengthy stories this time. One of those stories is the Passover. With each group that has learned this story, we have enjoyed being able to share a Seder meal together. What an eye-opening time for them as they come to understand more of what took place with the Israelites in the Old Testament and the picture it paints for Christ’s work in the New Testament. Another story for this course is the Golden Calf. The participants used drama to help cement the story in their minds, so they could learn it well. Pray that the stories learned will come alive for each of these men and that they will be able to share God’s talk with their communities and that lives would be changed.

Preparing for the Seder meal

Preparing for the Seder meal


One comment on “God’s Ways are not Our Ways

  1. Praying for all involved, and for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts and lives of everyone there. May our Lord and Savior be glorified!

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