New Territory

Recently Gary headed to a new area of the Sepik on a discovery trip.   Carl, a CBC leader in the Sepik, accompanied him. The Nuku area, south of the Sepik River, is not an area where SPES has previously worked. Different language groups in the area have been asking for someone to come and help with translation in their area, in some cases for many years. Although SPES cannot send a missionary to each area, we would like to provide opportunities for them to receive training so that they can help spread God’s Word in their heart language.

Representatives at the meeting at Nuku Station

Representatives at the meeting at Nuku Station

The purpose of the trip was to explore how many languages are there, what their viability is, how many people are in the language groups, and other preliminary information. The trip to the area took about seven hours on very rough roads in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Gary was able to visit a couple villages as well as have a group meeting at the Nuku station with representatives from eight different languages. As Gary passed through the area headed to one of the villages, he left a message that he would be back to hold a meeting with interested language groups a couple days later. One of the church leaders took it upon himself to contact all the surrounding language groups about the meeting and representatives from all but one of the groups arrived for the meeting. They were very interested to hear what was shared and excited to think that translation work may happen in their area. Those who attended the meeting were mostly community and church leaders which was helpful as well. They can now share what they have heard at the meeting with others in their communities.

One of the houses seen on the village visit

One of the houses seen on the village visit

Their enthusiasm was encouraging. With larger villages than we have seen in most areas, more people may have an opportunity to hear God’s talk in their language. These eleven language groups represent nearly fifty villages, so further exploratory visits will take some time. However, we have found that making trips to as many of the villages as possible is a necessary part of establishing relationships so that everyone feels included. Fortunately there is cell phone coverage in much of the area, so communicating with these groups will be easier than some of the other groups we have worked with in the past. We are hoping that a project proposal can be put into place to begin Oral Bible Storytelling with these groups later this year or early in 2017. Please be praying with us that these groups can begin to receive training soon.


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