From Darkness to Light

When the term darkness is mentioned, it doesn’t usually conjure up ideas of happiness or excitement. It can depict death, a sense of heaviness, or maybe being lost. At times, we have felt that sense of darkness as we work in the Sepik. When the SPES team was preparing to run Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) in Sandaun province, they visited one of the villages in the Mamhoaf language group. Both team members felt there was little potential for working with the people there. No active church was present. Few people were even around to engage in conversation. Thankfully, God had a bigger plan.

Demas and his family

Demas and his family

As the Mamhoaf team came and began to engage with the Bible stories during the OBS workshop, God began to work in their lives. Mamhoaf team members gave their hearts to Christ and began sharing the stories they learned. This created a new hunger to know God more and the church was reborn. Last month, one of the SPES team went and visited the area again. Demas is leading the church and the church is bursting at the seams with people. He and his wife are counseling and praying with people. He sees great value in continuing the work of OBS, so he is training three other men to take on the church work so he can more fully focus on teaching others.

In a nearby language group, revival has broken out in that church too. Numbers of people coming to church have drastically increased. Agai has been in language work for many years, but in recent years has really seen the Word of God come alive for him as well. He is hoping to help Demas do some training to get people more grounded in their faith. The darkness has lifted in these areas and the light is beginning to shine.

Michael, at the last OBS workshop

Michael, at the last OBS workshop

There are other areas in the Sepik that are still caught in the darkness.   Just Sunday, we received a text from Michael, one of the OBS participants in the Inebu One language group. He requested prayer that they could continue to share the Bible stories they had learned. They are facing challenges from people who don’t know the Lord who are trying to stop the work of these participants. Would you pray with us that God’s Word can continue to be shared and that those who don’t know Christ will be brought from the darkness to the light?


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