Healing our heart wounds

Group discussions about daily topics

Group discussions about daily topics

Certain subjects stir the passion of our hearts to the point they just have to be shared. Those things include seeing Papua New Guineans with access to God’s Word in ways that speak to their hearts. Having access to God’s Word and impacting lives can take many shapes depending on where we find ourselves. One of the recent ways we have been privileged to help people apply God’s Word to their everyday lives is through the Healing the Wounds of Trauma workshop. The workshop was offered to pastors and lay leaders in Wewak area churches. Men and women came from six different denominations to participate in the workshop.

Spending time in worship

Spending time in worship

Over a period of five days, fifteen participants grappled with theological subjects like why do bad things happen to good people and the journey of grief. They looked at much deeper things like how do we heal the wounds of our hearts and forgiving those who have caused us trauma. These traumatic events might include domestic abuse, rape, and HIV. Repeatedly, the class went back to Scripture to see what God’s Word had to say about so many aspects of these topics. However, more than just a Bible study, they were encouraged to apply and internalize the truths of God’s Word and begin the healing process where pain had once resided.  They began each day with worship and additional worship times along the way. God brought a young man to be part of the workshop who was gifted to lead those times. Even with no prompting beforehand, he focused on the materials and leading us to the cross with appropriate songs.

Burning the papers signified giving the pain to God.

Burning the papers signified giving the pain to God.

One of the most powerful parts of the workshop is when participants are encouraged to take their pain to the cross. Some had been struggling with this pain and trauma for many years and as the week unfolded, they began to deal with that pain. As the tears flowed and they wrote those memories on paper and attached them to the cross, it was a physical picture of what God wanted to do in their lives as they gave those hurts and pain to Him. Then they actually burned the papers as a token of releasing that pain in their lives. Please pray for each participant as they continue to grapple with all they have heard and learned. For some, these are only the first steps to having real freedom in Christ. Pray that they would allow Christ to continue to heal them so that they can live abundant Christian lives.

Many of these participants are now facilitators-in-training so they will begin to share the material that they have learned with other groups who need to experience the same healing and freedom Christ can give.  Pray that God will lead them to those who need to hear these truths.


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