Technology gives more access

Last week one of the SPES team members attended PacTech (Pacific Technology Consultation) held in Brisbane, Australia. Designed to discuss a variety of subjects related to getting Scripture more accessible through digital means as well as practicing with some of the new software tools, PacTech was filled with hands-on, helpful information. As SPES looks at possible next steps for language communities after Oral Bible Storytelling, these meetings have given some very practical options to consider.

Scripture app builder at work

Scripture app builder at work

One of these options is to begin to make apps that can be used on mobile phones. Mobile phones are becoming more prevalent throughout Papua New Guinea, even in some of the remote corners. As more towers are put in place, even more of these areas will have coverage. The Scripture App Builder is designed to share Scripture across mobile devices. Taking an oral Bible story that has already been recorded, pictures can then be added to represent different parts of the story. The text can also be transcribed and put on the phone. Once everything is uploaded together, you have a story in audio form (for those who prefer oral methods), pictures (to help paint a more vivid picture), and written text that is highlighted as the oral portions are read (for those who want to learn to read or strengthen their reading skills). It seems this could have great potential for those desiring to learn to read their own heart language.

Another session focused on best practices for how to record things well and how to clean up the recordings when they aren’t quite the quality you want. As we look at the various Bible story recordings we already possess, these new techniques will make the audio recordings more useable. This will allow us to use more of those stories on the local Christian radio station getting them out to a larger audience than would ever be possible as one person shares each story in his community.

We are thankful for the people who have developed this software and have the skills to share with us to make God’s Word more accessible.


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