What can we learn?

Angel brings good news to the shepherds

Angel brings good news to the shepherds

For the last two days, our focus has been on Jesus’ birth from Luke 2. The teams have been working to internalize all the details to tell a clear and natural story. Yesterday they practiced and performed dramas which brought great life to this familiar story.

I was fascinated as I sat and listened to the devotional time that focused on Jesus’ birth. Gilbert skillfully told the story, and everyone was fully tracking with him. After he finished telling the story, he asked three questions that challenged the participants to probe into their own lives.

What did you hear in the story that has helped you?

“The angels went to the shepherds to give the good news. Am I willing to go to people who haven’t heard and give them the good news?”

“When things are hard, I can still do what God asks me to do. Jesus did.”

What new thing did you learn in this story?

A terrified shepherd

A terrified shepherd

“The shepherds gave no excuse when the angels came and gave the good news. We must do the same.” (We can’t give excuses when God calls us to do something.)

In referring to God giving the message first to the shepherds to share with others: “Many in my language area have gone to university and have lots of knowledge, but not in my family. But God has chosen me to come and share the good news by training others to do Oral Bible Storytelling.”

Who are you like in the story – angels, shepherds, Mary, or Joseph?

Everyone was left contemplating this question. God’s Word brought conviction. It will not return void.

We are well into the second week of this Oral Bible Storytelling course with only three days left to finish learning and checking the remaining stories. The workshop has had its challenges, but we all (staff, trainers, and participants) will continue to learn from these experiences and make changes for the next course.

Photos by Gary Abbas


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