Prayer – A Foundational Piece

Prayer Time

Every morning we met for prayer. The participants freely shared their requests.

Many times we see prayer as a “last resort” when, in reality, it should be our first stop. During our recent workshops, we have been pausing to pray together at seven to begin the day. Praying together brings unity amongst the group as well as allows us to shoulder each other’s burdens. Not only do we spend time covering the day in prayer, but we also remember families back in their villages and problems they may be facing. A big concern for several groups during the recent workshop was the apparent lack of community support for the OBS work. We are asking God to open the eyes of the communities to see the importance of having God’s Word in each language and that the participants would have many open doors to share the recent stories they have translated. Would you pray with us that God would move in the Bungain, Forok, Urimo, Juwar, and Yambes communities, as well as where our Tok Pisin participants are sharing? God will answer those prayers and we look forward to hearing those answers in the months ahead.

As we contemplate the task of getting God’s Word into the remaining 100+ languages in the Sepik region, we are again reminded of the importance of prayer. Last week the SPES team spent time strategizing with our Regional Director, Jeanne Thum, about what our current and future plan should look like. However, prayer must be foundational to this plan. The work is too big to tackle alone. How can we know where to engage when there are so many options? Who is hungry to hear God’s Word and apply it? Who is caught up in the things of this world, but still needs the Lord even if they do not know it yet? Will you pray with us for clear direction as we navigate the months ahead? We expect that God will work in big ways and we want to work with Him.


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