OBS Mentors and Trainers – An Invaluable Resource

Fabian takes notes to share with the trainers at the debrief.

As the work in the Sepik region begins to move forward, we cannot accomplish this without our Papua New Guinean brothers and sisters who serve as mentors and trainers. Passionate about God’s Word and how it can impact lives, they are eager to share what they have learned so that others too can be changed by God’s Word. Fabian Onesi (who comes from Milne Bay province) has worked as a mentor for the Sepik trainers for the last two courses. He brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a gift for encouraging the trainers and pouring his energy into making them the best they can be. Taking notes for daily debriefs as well as one-on-one times of instruction help make this possible.

Titus and Peter are translators for the Malinguat language group. Because of their translation background, they bring experience in translating the stories and helping to find ways to say the difficult words. Pastor David and Pastor Gilbert both serve as pastors in the Urat language area. Their knowledge of God’s Word and how it can impact lives is encouraging for all who hear it. Cecilia lives right here in Wewak. She has a leadership role in the Catholic denomination and is passionate that everyone be able to apply God’s Word in their own lives for themselves and that they be free from the bondage that enslaves them. She has built bridges to share the work of OBS in many areas where we would not be able to go ourselves.

Peter (right) helps the Bungain group learn the story sequence.

The work of the trainers is varied and time consuming, but rewarding. Hours go into preparing a Bible story to be shared with the group. As trainers, everyone looks to them to get all the details of the story in place. After the devotional hour, there are multiple activities that engage the participants in learning the story (memory activities, translating the story into the heart language, discussing difficult words and concepts, and practice telling of the story). Trainers sit with each group and give direction when things are unclear or help motivate when times get hard. Without the trainers, OBS would not be possible. We are so grateful for the capable people God is raising up here in the Sepik to help move the work ahead.

Story by Deb Smucker


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