Gary’s Trip to Yabru

Baio Guys

These fellows from Baio (including the village leader) travel frequently between Baio and Bifro because of the school at Bifro.

Gary just returned from an eight day trip to Yabru in Sandaun province. This is the SPES team’s last trip before the start of cluster three Oral Bible Storytelling workshops beginning in June 2014. This was the fifth trip to this area that was done to invite the six different language groups around Yabru. Yabru is a small village in the middle of these six language groups which has a training center that can be used for this training.

Kwom_Pyu map

These five languages will be included in the third OBS cluster. The sixth language comes from an Abau dialect and consists of the villages of Baiwai, Bifro, and Baio. Yabru is located in the middle of these language groups.

It has been difficult and time consuming to invite and prepare these six language groups because there is no phone coverage in this area and all preparation and communication has to be done in person. It is a one and a half hour small plane ride, one hour hike, and two hour canoe ride just to arrive in Yabru from Wewak. The SPES team spent many days hiking and traveling by canoe in order to visit almost all the villages in these six language groups multiple times.

Large Canoe

Gary traveled many days in this large canoe made out of a single Kwila tree.

We look forward to this series of workshops starting in June.


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