Cain and Abel

The Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) workshop is finished, but it had and continues to have an impact in the lives of the people who were here. There were many tears shed and many challenges and commitments made. If the stories make such a difference in the people learning them, how much more of a difference can it make when the community hears them!

As you read this, I am traveling two weeks in the remote parts of Sandaun (or West Sepik) province along the Sepik river close to Indonesia to try to engage with new language groups for the next OBS intake starting in June. There is a lot of walking and canoe travel that will be happening! Many of the languages needing God’s Word are in remote locations. But OBS can have a transforming impact in people and communities as God’s Word comes alive in their language.

Here are some comments from participants about the Cain and Abel story.

Joshua – Cain had evil motives when he offered his sacrifice and God didn’t accept his offer. If I have something wrong in my life, God may not accept my prayers.

Kenny – God marked Cain. He also marks those who are His children.

Christa – Cain felt that his pay for sin was too much for him to bear, so he asked God for help. God is a God of love and mercy. He had compassion on Him. I can ask God for help in times of trouble and he will respond. He is a God of Love.

Titus – I worry about my life. Sin is crouching at my door. I’ve been doing God’s work for a long time. I need to be really careful not to fall into sin. I’ve seen other strong Christians give in to temptation. I don’t want to give an opportunity to others to make a mockery of the Gospel.

Abol – In my past, I’ve done many wrong things. He (God) should have killed me for my wrongs, but I’m thankful for God’s mercy and love.

David – Regarding how we do offerings, many times we do things to please others. Maybe Cain brought his offer to please Adam and Eve or to bring a better offering than Abel. We need to follow God with our hearts and not just to get recognition or respect.


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