Fourth Day of Oral Bible Storytelling

Trainers and Mentors

We have 5 Papua New Guinean trainers who graduated from the last OBS course. These new trainers are being guided by 2 PNG mentors. They are an excellent group of trainers!

“Some of our people carve images in wood and try to put power into them, but it doesn’t work. But God was able to carve a man and put life into him.” Silvesta’s response about God creating man

We are now in the fourth day of the Oral Bible Storytelling workshop here in Wewak. We have 7 different languages learning how to tell the stories of God creating Adam and Eve, the fall, and Cain and Abel. Today is the last day for the story of God creating man and woman. Here’s some other things we’ve heard as the participants have responded to this story.

David tells a story

David, one of the trainers, tells the story of God creating Adam and Eve.

“God talked and created everything, but he crafted us with his hands. That makes us very special. Because we are created in His image we need to respect each other.” Abol

“If I really am a friend of God, I should be a friend of nature as well. We need to look after nature since God made nature as well as us. We should teach our kids that they should look after it and not shoot geckos or harm trees.” Cecilia


One of the ways to remember the story is to recreate the story with pictures. This helps the story teller as he recreates the story in his language.

“God made everything according to his plan. That means he has a plan for my life. However, too many times I just follow my own plan for my life. Many times I have problems in my life because I follow my own plan instead of God’s plan”. Fabian


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