Second trip to Bungain

On Tuesday, I filled up my motorcycle tank and left for an all day trip. Arriving in Forok, I sat down with the leaders to discuss the opportunity of sending two people to the Oral Bible Storying workshop starting February 3. We talked about their language and what they need and what SIL can and can’t offer. They will decide if they will send someone and let me know.

Language map

This is a map of languages in part of East Sepik. Languages outlined in blue are the ones we invited to this next OBS. Roads are in red.

Forok is either a dialect of Bungain or it is sufficiently different to be it’s own languguage.

Leaving Forok, I traveled on to Bungain village in the Bungain language. I arrived rather wet from taking a spill in the middle of a river crossing because of some large rocks. That’s one of the hazards of motorcycle travel! Again I sat down with the leaders and talked about their needs, the upcoming OBS workshop, and ways SIL and Bungain can work together. They were excited about the opportunity and are planning to send people to the workshop.

I left Bungain and traveled up the logging road to the Angoram Highway and met with Pastor Albert from the Juwar language group. They are also sending four people to the workshop and I needed to drop some papers off and answer questions. I then came back in the rain and arrived back in Wewak around 5:30 after a 45 mile trip.

A lot of my time is now being spent on making sure everything is ready for the OBS workshop starting February 3. One of the language groups may not be able to come because they are accused of using sorcery to kill a government official and are afraid of retribution if they travel. Please pray that this problem will be resolved so that this language group can come.


2 comments on “Second trip to Bungain

  1. Dear Sam and Deb, thanks for your prayer letter that came today and also for this one with the attached map. Do you have a map that you could send me o the area covering the areas west of Maprik. Namely, Urat, Urim Kombio, Yambes, Wom, Mufian, Bumbita, Kwanga. Also around Nungwaia, but I am not sure what it is called. Is it part of Kwanga, or Ambulas, or Hanga Hundi? No hurry at all. Blessings on you and your family, Brian

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