Fourth Oral Bible Storying Workshop

Story Board

One way to remember important parts of a story is to draw pictures for each main point.

“We had someone come through our village and preach that Eve and the snake slept together and that is how sin came into the world. Because I had memorized the story from Genesis 3 I knew that sin came into the world because Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit. I was able to confront him and set the story straight.” Kwomtari language speaker

The fourth and final Oral Bible Storying (OBS) workshop for these 7 language groups has now started. These next two weeks will be spent learning the remaining stories of Moses and preparing them to be able to train others in Oral Bible Storytelling.

On Wednesday we heard reports from each of the groups related to how they have been able to share the stories. God’s Word in story form was shared everywhere from churches to markets, elderly to children, families to communities. Some of the groups did have trouble finding public avenues in which to share due to the elections. Most families are involved in the local level government elections in some way for up to a month before ballots are cast. However, storytelling has become an avenue to share God’s Word within their own families.


Two Kwomtari ladies study the story to be able to tell it in their own language.

Thursday we started learning the story of manna and quail found in Exodus 16. After the story was told, the question was asked, “Do any of you complain?”. This question opened the floodgates of comparison between ourselves and the Israelites. There were a lot of similarities between the Israelites and us!

Friday we learned the story of the 10 commandments. Did you know that God himself spoke the 10 commandments to the Israelites? We are looking forward to what the next week will bring.


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