Culture Meets Scripture

How do you know if the things you do for burials are pleasing to God or not? Are the cultural things that happen at weddings, fattening of the bride, or rites of passage fully in line with Scripture? The things we learned at this workshop will help to evaluate what happens at cultural events from a Biblical perspective and make changes where needed.

Drama about Pressure

We need to find the cause of death.

We’ve just finished our Culture Meets Scripture workshop hosted by SIL and the Pastor’s Fraternal in Wewak. Amy West and Jo Shetler were the teachers and we grappled with some of these issues. We had leaders from fourteen different denominations and forty-three participants.

Amy and Jo taught us that it isn’t just the actions that need to be evaluated, but more importantly the reasons for the actions and the consequences if the actions are not done. Only by verbalizing, evaluating, and addressing the underlying reasons can real change be accomplished. Participants took a look at the death rituals, the underlying reasons and consequences if they are not done, compared them to Scripture, and chose to modify, keep, or reject the ritual. Then they made an action plan for how to take the things they learned and teach others. Some are already teaching the things they learned this week!


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