ELC Celebration


The entrance to the church grounds

Friday, July 12, was the 127th anniversary of the arrival of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC) in Papua New Guinea. It was also the 40th year anniversary of the opening of the ELC church in Wewak. On Saturday they held a celebration in honor of these anniversaries and to reopen the church after renovations. The head bishop of the ELC in Papua New Guinea, Bishop Wenge, was there for the celebrations.

Sepik Group Bringing Their Offering

The singsing group accompanies their offering

We were invited guests and were honored to sit with the bishop in the grandstand and eat with him afterwards. Sam has met Bishop Wenge before and we have worked with many of the pastors that came. Both the head of the Wewak ministers’ fraternal, Pastor Yambe, and Bishop Wenge thanked SIL for their work and stated that it was time for the Church in PNG to take ownership of reaching the remaining 300 languages in PNG with God’s Word in a language they can understand.

During the offering time, several groups from around the area did special presentations as they carried their offering to the front. That was the longest offering time I ever witnessed! After the speeches, the bishop cut the ribbon at the door of the church and blessed the church. More pictures can be found below.


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