So, What’s Been Happening?

There has been a lot happening recently. First is a congratulations to Jacob and Deborah on the birth of their baby girl Elizabeth born on May 30. Deborah has been a huge help to the SPES team with her talents and linguistic background.

Jacob, Deborah, and new baby Elizabeth

Congratulations to Jacob and Deborah on the birth of their baby Elizabeth.

Sam and Deb Smucker and their family arrived back from furlough on June 10. The kids are enjoying ocean swims and the whole family is enjoying great fruit smoothies. Sam is busy reconnecting with pastors, leaders, and old friends.

There have been trips to different language groups to inform and gauge what their interest is in working in partnership with SPES. Each time we have gone, the SCPC (Sepik Churches in Partnership for Christ) sent a pastor with us to help make connections. We are trying to identify who is interested in the two new Oral Bible Storytelling workshops starting next year. Several people in the current Oral Bible Storytelling class will become teachers for these two new groups of people.

We will be visiting Juwal and Urimo language groups Wednesday and Thursday to see if they are interested in Scripture in their language and in the Oral Bible Storytelling workshops.

In August there will be a Culture Meets Scripture workshop where participants will discuss an important cultural event (like death or marriage) and compare what happens and the reasons for what happens during these events to Biblical standards. Sam has been busy delivering over 70 invitations for this workshop. There seems to be a high level of interest in this workshop.


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