Second Training for Oral Bible Storytellers in the Sepik Region

OBS 2 Group Photo

Participants and facilitators of the 2nd Oral Bible Storytelling workshop

The Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy has facilitated the successful completion of the 2nd Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) workshop for SIL’s Sepik Region in Papua New Guinea.

Five months ago, most of the participants were introduced to this new way of Bible sharing for the first time. Now, they are able to facilitate devotions and story retention activities on their own with minimal assistance.

The Sepik Region has 100 plus Bibleless languages. With two more similar workshops in the upcoming year, SIL’s Sepik Region will have an abundance of 30 OBS trainers who can then reach out to the 100 plus Bibleless languages.

It is hoped that initial contacts made with these Bibleless languages will also be a time when OBS training will be facilitated so that stories in the Bible may be orally available to people in these languages.

Drama Scenes during the 2nd OBS

OBS participants working hard on their drama of a Bible story. Drama is a fun way to retain sequences of a long Bible story.


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