Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and the Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy (SPES)

Drama Outreach in Town

The Drama course participants with the YWAM team at an outreach.

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is a missionary organization that does outreach to all parts of the World. The YWAM team that visited the East Sepik province are participants of this year’s Discipleship Training School (DTS). They are doing outreach here as part of the completion of their course at the University of Nations, a YWAM Institute in Kona, Hawaii.

The Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy (SPES) is a partnership of different bodies that share a common purpose to make the Word of God known to the unreached population, in the language that they understand best so that it impacts their lives. An ongoing process is the engagement of key stakeholders in SPES and a key stakeholder in this partnership is the Church. YWAM is also a stakeholder although their roles within SPES are yet to be defined.

In November 2011, SPES in partnership with the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association brought together top people in the hierarchy of denominations in the Sepik Region (East and West Sepik Provinces) and formed a group called the Sepik Churches in Partnership for Christ (SCPC) thus fulfilling its vision to work in partnership with the Church. However, there is also the need to help this group of many different denominations bond together. Organizing something cooperatively was important but lacking in the group until the YWAM team came and gave them the opportunity.

At the training

Unity and humility at the YWAM training.

Through much deliberation, the SCPC tasked the YWAM team to do some training which each denomination would then send its representatives to attend. The YWAM team decided to run courses on drama and children’s ministry for two weeks. The result was a blessing. Participants from different denominations enjoyed the learning experience in each others company and appreciated each others strengths. Psalm 113:1 summarizes this experience perfectly.

YWAM has found an important role as a stakeholder within SPES. A partnership between YWAM, SPES and SCPC enables the sharing of knowledge and outreach through a united interdenominational front. We want to see this kind of event as an ongoing process in the Sepik Region. Please pray with us that this will become a reality.

Craft activities during children's out reach

Course particiapnts helping childern put together a craft that relates to the day’s Bible topic.


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