Just off the main Highway

Meeting the Faces of Two Bibleless Languages in the Sepik Region

Juwal Faces

The faces of Juwal

Company road

Road to Juwal and Urimo

Just off the main Highway

Road to Juwal and Urimo

Muddy road

Getting through a muddy spot on the road.

The Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy (SPES) had the opportunity to meet with Juwal (Juwar) and Urimo (Ulimo), two of the 103 Bibleless languages within the borders of East and West Sepik Provinces of Papua New Guinea.

Through two local pastors from Juwal and Urimo respectively, SPES was shown the area. During the two day trip, SPES did an awareness to these language communities about its objective to engage the Bibleless groups in the Bible translation movement.

SPES also advocated the nature of the language as part and parcel of a culture which brought a renewed sense of interest and excitement to the communities. Having them know that God cares about their language and culture is a powerful thing.

After this initial visit, it is hoped that SPES will continue to dialogue with these two language groups and together they can work step by step and eventually meet the language needs of the people.

Credit to Luke, Laura and Deborah for the pictures.

Juwal Stream

This fresh flowing stream laid in our path as we hiked to a village.


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