Recent and Upcoming Events

There has been much happening in the last several weeks as we continue to develop HOLD (Holistic Oral Language Documentation) and get ready for a full teaching schedule.

The team has identified the first languages where we want to do HOLD and start to engage with these Bibleless language groups. We are also developing key relationships within universities and government agencies that are interested in either helping with HOLD or in the information that it collects.

The five person committee set up by the church leaders on January 10th called “Sepik Churches in Partnership for Christ” is hoping to meet the beginning of March to structure how it will work and choose what work it will do as a pilot project. It has not met yet due to differences in schedules and people traveling.

There will be workshops running back to back here in Wewak from the beginning of March until the middle of May.

Courses include:

  • STADI (Sepik Translation and Development Institute)
  • Consultant checking of translated material
  • Beginning computer training for those who have never used a computer before
  • Dictionary workshop
  • Oral Bible Storying

There will also be a Multi cultural workshop for the SPES team.


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