Yagrumbok SSEC Missions Conference


The Yagrumbok ambulance that was sent to transport us to the conference!

Rocky and I were invited to the first South Seas Evangelical Church missions conference in Yagrumbok on January 19 – 23. We left Wewak around 10AM in the Yagrumbok ambulance. Unfortunately the car has a unique side to side motion that makes people car sick very quickly. We arrived at the side road about 6PM. This road was impassable due to slick mud so we hiked the rest of the way and arrived after dark around 7. The house was wonderful and they even had a mosquito net set up for us to sleep under.

Our Welcome

The welcome group that brought us to the church.

The next day we walked down to the church and were welcomed by a “singsing” group. They hit their kundu drums, danced, and chanted our way to the church. We were greeted at the church by some ladies who put flowers around our neck and sprinkled our hair with white powder.

Inside the church

The church was packed with people standing around the outside.

For the next two days Rocky and I shared in six sessions. We shared our testimonies, that you need to be a disciple before you can make disciples, how Satan is a squatter without rights in our lives and we should not be afraid of him and we should reclaim areas that he has taken over, about the world missions movement, and challenged them to move from a receiving nation to a sending nation.

People at the church

Imagine trying to watch a movie in the front of the church - on a 14" screen!

Saturday they showed the movie “The end of the spear” on a 14″ tv at the front of the church. Around 300 people were inside and outside the church watching the movie.

On Sunday Simon (an SSEC leader) challenged the people to have dreams for their future and to ask God what he wants them to be. The time ended when he called representatives for each group present to the front to hold a candle representing a passing on of the torch and to carry the light to the rest of the world.

People Enjoying Meal

These people are almost done with their tasty meal.

This was done to the song “Go light your world” by Chris Rice. Afterwards we had a meal with rice, greens, sago, and pork meat. On Monday we left early and had another “sickening” ride back in the ambulance.

We had a wonderful time getting to know people and talking with them for hours at a time. We ourselves were also challenged by things that they shared. I’m sure we’ll have more opportunities to do this kind of thing again. Thank you to the SSEC for their invitation and Melanesian hospitality.


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