Writer’s Workshop

This week Reggie Howard taught a Writer’s Workshop course. This course is intended not only to help Papua New Guinea people be able to write good books, but also to help them communicate effectively. Most of the people who attended were pastors.

Writer's workshop

Some participants of the writer's workshop

Pastor Alfred said, “I’ve learned a lot not only about how to write, but also how to share God’s Word so that people really understand it.”

Sepik Tertiary Student Christian Fellowship leader Adrian said, “I’m so happy to be taking this course. I want to write a biography of my dad so that my children and grandchildren can read his story. I don’t want his story to die with him.”

Pastor Willie said, “I wish I had come to this course before I became a pastor. I’ve heard many other pastors at the course saying that their preaching from now on will be different. They’ve learned how to better communicate so the message comes across more clearly. The same principles for communicating effectively in writing also apply to speaking. I would love to attend another course like this one.”


One comment on “Writer’s Workshop

  1. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the way you are working in the lives of Christian leaders, continuing to build them up and strengthen them to serve more vibrantly and skillfully in Your Kingdom! Thank you, Reggie, for your heart to see others grow in their walk with God, and for the ministry (Redeemer Lives Ministries) that you and your wife are leading. May God bless you for your service to the people of Papua New Guinea!

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