Significance of the conference

We just want to share more about the significance of the November 15-17 conference. To have such good attendance and to have the denominations excited about the possibilities shows us that God is already working in the lives of these leaders to make something happen.

The conference was significant for several reasons:

  1. First time many of these denominations were able to get to know people from other denominations
  2. First time to hear what was happening in other denominations
  3. A transfer of ownership and responsibility from outside missions to indigenous churches is starting
  4. Increased ability to offer training and build capacity
  5. The churches are organizing a representative group to facilitate projects and working together

For many years, the work of translation and literacy have been hampered by lack of interest and lack of combined support of the denominations present in a language group as well as shortage of personnel from overseas.

What unity between denominations may accomplish:

  1. Allow better use of available resources
  2. Show a good picture of the body of Christ
  3. Make it easier to train people and build capacity
  4. It is easier to work with one group rather than 30 groups
  5. Projects have a better chance of success and less chance of jealousy derailing the project
  6. Builds the church’s influence and image in language groups
  7. Less and less reliance on outside personnel and resources
Conference group photo

Partnership conference attendees

Continue to pray for this group of leaders as they lead God’s church.


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