Conference day 3

The long awaited day of the conference had arrived for the SPES team. We started with Kenny giving a devotion. He is a PNG translator working in the Aitape area. He shared how it was only the Word of God that lasts. David Gudiri shared very powerfully about “What is partnership”. He shared how he had lots of questions in his own life and the answer to all those questions was to “take up your cross and follow me”. He needed to die to his own desires. He also shared how we needed a common goal and suggested that it should be Revelation 7:9. In this verse, John sees people from every nation, tribe, people, and language around the throne of God. Working together means fitting into the place God has given to us and working with everyone to build something bigger.

Reggie Howard shared how his dream is a library for pastors where they can get the resources they need. He also wants to train pastors so they have the needed skills to help their work grow. Bob Litteral shared about schools in the peoples’ language and about literacy. To build capacity in an area, a person needs to learn, teach, train, and finally mentor.

After lunch was a time for the pastors and leaders to respond to what they heard at the conference. They were very grateful for the sessions and decided that they needed to act on the things that were shared. They will meet again on January 10th to form a group that will be able to act on the Churches’ behalf to oversee training and language projects. They also wanted the leadership to find out the needs in the more rural areas so that they can set up a pilot project. It’s very exciting to see the church not only working together as one body and speaking with one voice, but also taking leadership in the language work that is happening in the communities that impact and help the churches grow strong and healthy.

We’ve come to see that God is working around the world and raising a movement toward unity and working together. God has already been working in the hearts of these leaders towards this goal. All they needed was an opportunity to work together. We are grateful that God has used us as a catalyst to make this happen. I wonder: What big things does God have in store for the Sepik Region?


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