Conference day 1

The first day of the Sepik Partnership conference went well. There were about 40 people from roughly 20 different organizations and denominations present. After a time of singing, Sam Smucker gave a devotion on Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Nehemiah was given the impossible task of rebuilding the walls with not enough people or resources. Along the way, their enemies tried many different ways to discourage them and stop the work. The leadership also worked with the people and Nehemiah did not seek riches or status. This was compared with the immense task of evangelizing and discipling the people in the Sepik region with limited resources.

Rocky Dede gave an overview of world missions movements such as the Lausanne conference where there is an unprecedented interest in different church denominations and missions working together for the goal of evangelizing and discipling the world. After a time of communal prayer, it was time for lunch. After lunch, Ben Pehrson shared his testimony and about the Aitape translation project where he is working. The Aitape translation project has 11 different languages working together to translate the Bible in each of their languages. They share knowledge and help each other in a true picture of the body of Christ working together. Rocky showed how SPES has expertise and can help the church with training and enabling. The problem is that SPES is ready, but the body of Christ is fragmented and not working together. The question was left with the participants of “What should the churches be doing in order to work together with each other and in partnership with SPES?”.

Tomorrow we will give time for each of the churches or missions to share what their church or organization is doing to help “transform lives and communities in the Sepik region”.

Pray for these groups to see how they can be working together to get God’s Word to the people here. We are hoping that they will see ways and places where we may already be doing similar things and how that can expand.


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